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Why Pod Avenue?

Step-By-Step Guidance & Assistance

Introduction to Podcasting

Receive instructions on how to start recording your podcast, getting familiar with your equipment and recording audio.

Professional Audio Production

Professional post production of your audio, posting your podcast to all platforms.

Pod Avenue Network

Place your show on our network and potentially monetize your podcast.

Personalized Service

Discuss Your Podcast Idea

Is there a niche for your podcast? Will you have guests for interviews? What type of equipment will best suit your podcast needs?

Technical Assistance

We provide step-by-step instruction on how to work your equipment, from your microphone to audio recording programs. Get familiar with the recording process and become comfortable recording anytime, anywhere.

Post Production & Posting Podcast

After recording an episode, send the audio to us for professional post production. With the addition of music, graphics, and other effects, your podcast will have that professional sound and look to it. Your podcast will be uploaded to all podcast platforms and our website.

Future Growth & Monetization

As your podcast listenership grows, the possibility of ad revenue increases. We assist with the content of your show and make your podcast unique, increasing your chances of sponsors wanting to advertise on your show.

Ready To Start?

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